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About us

We are a team of experts in the IT sector that since 2005 has provided IT solutions to companies that lead change, through consultancy and training sessions in technologies.

Our consulting projects are trusted solutions based on analysis of each situation, the objectives of each project and budget optimization.

We accompany our clients throughout the decision process; Evolution, Change, Transformation and Innovation IT and, through technology, we improve the lives of companies and their employees contributing to the achievement of individual and corporate objectives.

Our training proposal is based on the main technologies with which we work in each and every one of the technological areas where we offer IT solutions to our clients.

We provide standardized and customized training solutions depending on the need of each moment.

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What do we contribute to your IT projects?

We are small and think big.



Company based on knowledge and management. We have the certifications of the main technology manufacturers.


Technical and Financial to be able to execute all projects with guarantees.


NEO IT is a company that adapts in a timely manner to continuous changes, in order to provide the best Service to Customers and Partners.


To guarantee the best economic, social and environmental integration from IT solutions.


Ability to introduce changes and evolutions in Technologies and Services.


The commitment of NEO IT are the objectives of its Clients.

The team

The team is formed by consultants and trainers in ICT with the experience, certification and proven qualification to be able to lead and accompany the technological improvement processes of our clients.

We are people committed to our work, so the professionalism and confidence that we generate in our customers are the bases of the development of all projects.

The NEO IT team is led by multidisciplinary professionals with a global vision of the business to be able to offer the most appropriate solutions to each case.

Professionals who apply Technological Innovation to real projects.

Juan Llenas

Responsable de Consultoría y Procesos de Cambio IT

“My life without IT does not make sense”.

Pedro López

Training Manager y Soluciones IT

“Nothing will resist IT”.

Domingo Torrens

Global Partner Manager

“Everything is easier with the best professionals”.

Mª Luz Salgado

Delivery Manager

“Organize to have your time”.

We can help you,