From 14 to 17 of October, from 4:00 pm to 9:00 pm – Remote in real time


Openstack is an Open Source solution that offers the possibility of implementing a Private or Public Cloud in a business environment. This includes management of Virtual Machines, Images, Software Defined Networks (SDN), storage of objects, orchestration, and a host of modules that make up the ecosystem of the platform.

In this course we will begin with a global vision of Cloud Computing, as well as the role that Openstack plays in this paradigm.
Next, we will review both theoretically and practically each of the main modules that are part of the “heart” of the Openstack ecosystem.


Platform architecture
Installing Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform
Qpid messaging broker
Keystone identity service
Swift object storage service
Image services Glance
Cinder block storage service
Network service
Computer and controller services Nova
Implementation of an additional computing node
Ceilometer measurement service


The Openstack administration course is prepared so that the student obtains a global vision of Openstack and its role within the Cloud Computing, including the relationship between all the components of the ecosystem, as well as the practical use of each one of them.

Pedro López Soto

Engineer, Consultant and IT Trainer with more than 20 years of experience, specialized in High Availability of Systems, Cloud and Virtualization, Certified in the main referring technologies of these Systems.


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